Trustworthy AI in practice


Juraj Podroužek,

Matúš Mesarčík,

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Trustworthy and ethical AI is currently one of the most discussed topics in relation to responsible development and use of AI systems. The ethical aspect of AI is even emphasized on the level of the European Union (EU) due to publication of key documents like Ethics Guidelines for trustworthy AI (EGTAI), Assessment List for Trustworthy AI (ALTAI) or proposal for regulation of artificial intelligence – Artificial Intelligence Act (AIA). In recent years the debate about trustworthy AI has shifted from postulating the set of common ethical principles to the question how to translate these principles into practice. The abundance of various AI ethics tools and methods can be deemed as an answer to this question. However, such practical frameworks and assessments also raise some concerns about their appropriateness, comprehensibility or coherence with proposed regulations. In this short course we will briefly introduce the concepts of trustworthy AI and current legal framework on AI, namely proposed EU Artificial Intelligence Act. We will show why especially EGTAI and ALTAI can be used as a core of ethics-based assessment processes for achieving trustworthy AI. On the other hand, we will also highlight the areas where ALTAI falls short and needs to be supplemented by additional tools and frameworks. Furthermore, we will emphasize the most notable convergences within existing or proposed EU laws in terms of conducting ethics-based AI assessments. After completing the course, participants will have a general understanding of how the ethics-based assessment process based on ALTAI works and how it fits into the existing and future legal frameworks.



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5 hours

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Short Course

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REGISTRATION: Free of charge. Both AIDA and non-AIDA students are encouraged to participate in this short course. If you are an AIDA Student* already, please: Step (a): Register in the course, please send a registration email to with title "AIDA Course Registration". AND Step (b): Enroll in the same course in the AIDA system using the button below, so that this course enters your AIDA Certificate of Course Attendance. If you are not an AIDA Student, do only step (a). *AIDA Students should have been registered in the AIDA system already (they are PhD students or PostDocs that belong only to the AIDA Members listed in this page: Members)

Lecture Plan

3.03.2023 from 13:00 to 15:30 CET (2.5 hours) 17.03.2023 from 13:00 to 15:30 CET (2.5 hours)


3.03.2023 and 17.03.2023



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At the end of course, non-AIDA and AIDA students attending the lectures via Google Meet will receive a certificate of their attendance.

Host Institution
Kempelen Institute of Intelligent Technologies

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