Machine learning for video summarization


Machine learning for video summarization


Dr. Ioannis Mademlis,

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Video summarization is the problem of automatically selecting important key-shots and/or key-frames from an input video, in order to construct a brief summary of the original sequence, capturing its essential content. Both supervised and unsupervised machine learning methods have been employed for solving video summarization tasks, ranging from simple video frame clustering to sophisticated deep learning approaches. It is a task of immense practical importance to media and WWW professionals, since it allows them (or remote users) to browse through endless hours of filmed footage without having to actually watch the entire content. Video summarization is highly significant in automation solutions for TV/movie production, video surveillance, sports coverage, media archiving, etc. This short course will present the various types of video summaries and the most important families of learning algorithms that been developed over the years to tackle video summarization, focusing on the prominent problem of key-frame extraction. The short course is composed of two consecutive 2.5-hour lectures, covering pre-deep learning and purely neural methods, respectively. A 30-minute coffee break will intercede between them.



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5 hours

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Short Course

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Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

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