AIDA Terminology

AIDA Full Members (acronym AIDA Members):

Universities from European Union (EU) or Associated Countries having Ph.D. studies on AI that will be invited to and will sign the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).

Founding AIDA Members are AIDA Full Members.

AIDA Associate Members:

International Universities from countries other than EU or Associated ones, having PhD studies on AI, which will be invited to and will sign this MoU.

AIDA Research & Industry Members:

Research Institutions or Companies with AI activities that will be invited to and will sign this MoU.

General Assembly (GA):

It is the highest AIDA governing body consisting of one Representative of each Full Member.

Management Board:

It consists of 5 Full Member Representatives and manages AIDA operations.


She/he is the Management Board member, which chairs AIDA General Assembly, Management Board and Research and Innovation Board.

Research and Innovation Board:

It consists of international AI research and industry experts and advises AIDA on research and industrial innovation


AIDA member of any type sending Students or staff to attend AIDA Education and Training Activities.


AIDA member of any type organizing an AIDA Education and Training Activity. A Host should be a Full Member or Associate Member, when it comes to courses to be credited.


PhD students/candidates or postdoc researchers belonging to any AIDA Sender.


Academic/teaching personnel of any AIDA Member or Associate Member that: a) offers a course open to AIDA Students and/or b) is supervisor/mentor of an AIDA Student.