Nvidia DLI – Fundamentals of Accelerated Data Science with RAPIDS


Nvidia DLI - Fundamentals of Accelerated Data Science with RAPIDS


Dr. Laszlo, Kovacs

Content and organization

  • Whether you work at a software company that needs to improve customer retention, a financial services company that needs to mitigate risk, or a retail company interested in predicting customer purchasing behavior, your organization is tasked with preparing, managing, and gleaning insights from large volumes of data without wasting critical resources. Traditional CPU-driven data science workflows can be cumbersome, but with the power of GPUs, your teams can make sense of data quickly to drive business decisions. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to build and execute end-to-end GPU-accelerated data science workflows that enable you to quickly explore, iterate, and get your work into production. Using the RAPIDS™-accelerated data science libraries, you’ll apply a wide variety of GPU-accelerated machine learning algorithms, including XGBoost, cuGRAPH’s single-source shortest path, and cuML’s KNN, DBSCAN, and logistic regression to perform data analysis at scale.

By participating in this workshop, you’ll learn to:

  • implement GPU-accelerated data preparation and feature extraction using cuDF and Apache Arrow data frames,
  • apply a broad spectrum of GPU-accelerated machine learning tasks using XGBoost and a variety of cuML algorithms,
  • execute GPU-accelerated graph analysis with cuGraph, achieving massive-scale analytics in small amounts of time,
  • rapidly achieve massive-scale graph analytics using cuGraph routines.



Course Duration

8 hours

Course Type

Short Course

Participation terms

Free of charge for university students and staff. Experience with Python, ideally including pandas and NumPy.

Lecture Plan

GPU-Accelerated Data Manipulation (120 mins), GPU-Accelerated Machine Learning (120), Project: Data Analysis to Save the UK (120 mins)


01.19.2023 9:00– 01.19.2023 17:00 CET



Modality (online/in person):



Upon successful completion of the assessment, the participant will receive an Nvidia Certificate of Competency.

Host Institution
Nvidia Deep Learning Institute, Faculty of Informatics, University of Debrecen, Hungary

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