Image and video analysis


Pietro Pala, pietro.pala@unifi.it

Content and organization

Course program

  • Graylevel transforms, stretching, equalization
  • Geometric transforms
  • Image smoothing, linear and non-linear
  • Detection of edges and interest points
  • Geometric invariants
  • Image thresholding, global and local models
  • Mathematical morphology, binary and lattice
  • Texture analysis, co-occurrence matrix, Gabor, Local Binary Patterns, Matrix covariance
  • Image segmentation, k-means, hierarchical, Gaussian Mixture, MeanShift, DBSCAN, Normalized cuts, Spectral k-means, Watershed
  • Motion field and optic flow, sparse and dense models for OF estimation
  • Video background models
  • Object tracking
  • Course organization
    Classes are on Tuesday and Friday and include both theory and practice using Python. The teaching language is Italian. Course material (slides) and suggested books are in English.

    Course Type

    AI PhD Curriculum

    Host Institution
    University of Florence

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