AIDA sponsoring and support


AIDA activities are heavily based on sponsorship. If you want to sponsor AIDA, or specific AIDA events/activities, you can send a message to the AIDA chair Prof. Ioannis Pitas and the AIDA secretariat.

How to request AIDA sponsorship for an event

If you organize an AI-related event (e.g., a conference, workshop, competition, course, and summer school, to name a few options) you can
request for the AIDA sponsorship of your event.

If granted, you can use the AIDA logo on the event www page. This sponsorship is rather a seal of event quality, rather than financial assistance for your event.

How to request AIDA Event Sponsoring:

For requesting AIDA endorsement/sponsorship of an event, please fill out the application form.

– Your application will be validated by AIDA’s Dissemination Committee, and the decision will be communicated to a) the applicant, b) AIDA secretariat, and c) AIDA management.

– The events sponsored by AIDA will be:

>> Published on the AIDA website and AI-on-Demand platform

>> Posted in AIDA’s social media

>> Shared among AIDA’s community through the mailing lists

You can send once a sponsored event message to the AIDA email list.

The AIDA secretariat posts the event in “AIDA sponsored events” for better event promotion and social media campaigns shortly follow.