Computer Vision and Machine Learning (Web Lecture Series)

Computer Vision and Machine Learning - Web Lecture Series


Ioannis Pitas,

Content and organization

Computer Vision and Machine Learning Web Lecture series contains 208 asynchronous Lectures organized in 21 Lecture modules (each up to 16 lectures)
covering diverse topics on:

  • Deep Learning and Neural Networks
  • Deep Learning and Computer Vision Foundations and Tools
  • Computer Vision/Image Processing and 3D Imaging
  • Autonomous Systems
  • Human centered computing. Social Networks. Graph Theory
  • Digital Signal Processing and Applications.

As you can see in:
you can choose to enroll in one the various asynchronous CVML Web Courses. Each of the courses consists of one or more CVML Web Lecture Modules, typically totaling up to 16 1-hour lectures each.

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Semester Course


Available all year round.

Host Institution
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

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