Computer Vision


Ioannis Pitas,

Content and organization

Εdge detection. Image segmentation. Image texture. Image features. Image registration. Image search and retrieval. Image topology. 2D shape description and recognition. Deep learning and computer vision. Moving images – Digital video. Video digitization. Video perception. Video processing. Motion estimation. Object tracking. Video description. Video search and retrieval. Deep learning and video analysis.

Course attendance will be asynchronous in English, using the educational material found in CVML Web Lectures modules:
2D Computer Vision and Image Analysis
Video Processing and Analysis

Compulsory bibliographical and/or programming assignments are foreseen to be carried out during the course.

In order to pass the course, you will be requested to:
1) study the course lecture pdfs (in English) and fill the respective understanding questionnaires:
2) do an obligatory bibliographical project (in ppt and tex)
3) participate in the final written course exams (remotely).


Senior undergraduate course

Course Duration

13 weeks, 2,5 hours/ week

Course Type

Semester Course



Marking Scheme

0-10 for written exams. Literature survey or programming assignments or mid-term exams or oral presentations provide an additional 2-4 points, if the exam mark is at least 4.

Participation terms

Asynchronous on-line participation.



Modality (online/in person):

Asynchronous on-line participation


Up to 5 AIDA participants

Host Institution
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

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