Advanced Course on AI (ACAI)

Starts on 10/11/2021

Ends on 10/15/2021

About the Course

The Advanced Course on AI (ACAI) is a specialized course in Artificial Intelligence sponsored by EurAI in odd-numbered years. The theme of the 2021 ACAI School is Human-Centered AI.

The notion of “Human Centric AI” increasingly dominates the public AI debate in Europe[1]. It postulates a “European brand” of AI beneficial to humans on both individual and social level that is characterized by a focus on supporting and empowering humans as well as incorporating “by design” adherence to appropriate ethical standards and values such as privacy protection, autonomy (human in control), and non-discrimination. Stated this way (which is how it mostly appears in the political debate) it may seem more like a broad, vague wish list than a tangible scientific/technological concept. Yet, at a second glance, it turns out that it is closely connected to some of the most fundamental challenges of AI[1].

Within ACAI 2021, researchers from the HumanE-AI-Net consortium will teach courses related to the state of the art in the above areas focusing not just on narrow AI questions but emphasising issues related to the interface between AI and Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), Computational Social Science (and Complexity Science) as well as ethics and legal issues. We intend to provide the attendees with the basic knowledge needed to design, implement, operate and research the next generation of Human Centric AI systems that are focused on enhancing Human capabilities and optimally cooperating with humans on both the individual and the social level.

ACAI 2021 will have a varied format, including keynote presentations, labs/hands-on sessions, short tutorials on cutting edge topics and longer in-depth tutorials on main topics in AI.

  • Learning and Reasoning with Human in the Loop
  • Multimodal Perception
  • Representations and Modeling
  • Human Computer Interaction (HCI)
  • Social AI
  • Societal, Legal and Ethical Impact
  • Publications Chair

    Mohamed Chetouani, Sorbonne Université

    General Chair

    Virginia Dignum, Umeå University

    General Chair

    Paul Lukowicz, German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence

    Publicity Chair

    Davor Orlic, Knowledge 4 All Foundation

    Other short courses

    2021. 07. 9 Go

    Self-Driving Cars

    2021. 07. 9 Go

    Computer Vision

    2021. 07. 9 Go

    Deep Learning

    2021. 06. 17 Go

    Deep Learning School

    2021. 06. 17 Go

    Memory Network

    2021. 06. 2 Go

    Machine Listening

    2021. 06. 2 Go

    Deep Learning 2

    2021. 06. 2 Go

    Image Processing

    2021. 06. 1 Go

    Machine listening

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