Interoperability with JSON-LD and NGSI-LD via Orion Context Broker

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The short course aims to provide the foundation for understanding NGSI-LD Context Broker(s). The course will begin with a brief introduction to JSON-LD (JSON Linked Data) since it is the data format used by NGSI-LD. Next, there will be a brief mention of the history of NGSI-LD and who are the organizations that are currently using it. After that, the key components and aspects of an NGSI-LD Context Broker will be described. Specifically:

· NGSI-LD Tenant and Scope

· NGSI-LD Entity, Attributes and SubAttributes

· The @context field(s) – related to JSON-LD

· The possible formats and modes of presentation of a JSON-LD (e.g., normalized)

· The API exposed by an NGSI-LD Context Broker

· As an NGSI-LD Context Broker allows querying entities by filtering them for different attributes

· NGSI-LD Subscription

· Key Differences between NGSIv2 and NGSI-LD

· Short Demo about NGSI-LD Subscriptions

Lecture by Dr. A. Filograna and M. Basile.

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Uploaded by Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

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