Lecture offerings:
Lectures are offered alternately by:

>> Highly cited senior AI scientists internationally

>> Junior AI scientists with the promise of excellence (AI sprint lectures).


New Lecture offers:

AIDA welcomes proposals from both senior and junior lecturers, from within and outside AIDA.

If you would like to propose a lecturer, fill in the form: Call for Lecturers.

Your proposal will be reviewed by the AI Excellence Lecture Series Committee, and you will receive a prompt response.

Lecture attendance:

AIDA offers high-quality scientific lectures on various current hot topics in AI.

>> Lectures are typically held once per week, on Tuesdays from 17:00-18:00 CET (8:00-9:00 am PST), (10:00 am-11:00am CST).

>> Attendance is free.

>> Each lecture lasts 60 minutes (45-min plus 15-min questions).

>> Questions should be asked orally at the end of the talk by using the ‘Raise hand’ button.

Lectures are disseminated through social media @AIDAdocAcademy and email. To stay informed on future lectures, join the CVML email list.

AI Excellence Lecture Series