AI and Book Publishing


Ioannis Pitas (AUTH)

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This lecture overviews the relation between AI and book publishing. First, an in informative summary of  “What is AI?” is presented, containing topics such as Symbolic AI, Data, Machine Learning (Clustering, Classification and Neural Networks). Topics that are related to book content creation, e.g., image processing, computer vision and natural language processingare presented. Various Generative AI approaches, e.g., Large Language Models (LLMs such as ChatGPT), which are used for book content creation are detailed.  As human knowledge is foremost communicated through books, its forms are also detailed in this lecture. The role book authors and publishers in the AI era is analyzed, together with several novel issues, such as digital book IP handling, self-publishing, NFT-publishing. Finally, a new book/journal publishing mode called Global Intellectual Property Market is presented.

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