AIDA offers students and lecturers access to a wealth of knowledge in the form of academic activities, events and resources. 

For administrative purposes, e.g., providing AIDA certificates, user (lecturer/student) personal data may be requested to be processed, including “Identity data” (Full name), “Contact details” in the form of electronic correspondence, “Grade performance of students” and “Data from the use of electronic services” (such as cookies, google analytics, internet protocol (IP) addresses, etc. and electronic identification data). 

Our policy is to only ask and store the minimum personal data information required for providing our services. 

All personal data collected within I-AIDA website are processed in accordance with the General Data protection regulation (EU) 2016/679 & the Greek Law. More details can be found here:

At any time, website user registrants are allowed to enter/edit and delete their personal data in the I-AIDA website. For any enquiries regarding our data collection and data security policies you can contact the website administrator through our contact form.

Disclaimer: Personal data collected within AIDA website may be shared to legal entities participating in AIDA activities (AIDA members), by AIDA participating “users” (lecturer/student) themselves and never through AIDA website. Therefore, personal data collected within AIDA website may be processed by individual participating AIDA members according to their own data protection policies. AIDA as an entity, cannot be held responsible for any type of personal data processing by individual participating legal entities. Personal data deleted from AIDA website may still be retained by participating AIDA members if they have been transferred to another legal entity.