General Assembly

It is the highest AIDA governing body consisting of one representative of each full member.

Management Board

It consists of 5 Full Member Representatives and manages AIDA operations. It is elected by the GA for a 4 year term. The number of  Management Board members may be changed by GA decision, but cannot be less than 3.


It is a Full Member hosting AIDA Management operations. It is elected by the General Assembly for a 4 year term.


She/he is the Coordinator Representative  and chairs  AIDA General Assembly, Management Board and Research and Innovation Board.

Research and Innovation Board

It consists of international AI research and industry experts and advises AIDA on research and industrial innovation. It is elected by all AIDA Member Representatives of any type for a 4 year term, or less.
All 4 year terms synchronize with the one of the Management Board.


AIDA Member of any type sending its own staff to attend AIDA Education and Training activities.


AIDA Member of any type organizing an AIDA Education and Training activity. A Host should be a Full Member or Associate Member, when it comes to courses to be credited.


Primarily PhD students or postdoc researchers belonging to any AIDA Sender.