Upcoming Lecture – Bjoern Schuller: There will be Artificial Emotional Intelligence (Tuesday 9th March 2021, 17:00 – 18:00 CET).

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Lecture by Prof. Björn Schuller: There will be Artificial Emotional Intelligence

Tuesday 9th March 2021 17:00 – 18:00 CET. (8:00-9:00 am PST), (10:00 am-11:00am CST). Please use the following zoom link to attend the lecture:


Attendance is free.


Computers are still largely not connotated with emotional intelligence – even more than two decades after the kick-off of the Affective Computing as the core discipline in this regard. Yet, recently significant advancement took place in the recognition of human emotion and generation of simulated emotional behaviour by computing devices increasingly lending them “Artificial Emotional Intelligence”. This can open up a rich selection of exciting applications to become reality such as completely changing how we interact with computing devices. In this talk, we will dive deep into the latest developments in multimodal Affective Computing from the AI perspective. This includes self-learning of neural architectures by AutoML, reinforcement learning, lifelong and self-supervised learning, “green” efficient learning, federated learning, but also using emotion in learning itself. Furthermore, we will look into robustness issues such as against adversarial attacks or package loss. Beyond showing these and further recent trends and developments largely basing on deep learning techniques, the talk will end on the major needed final steps at “T-minus 3” to make Artificial Emotional Intelligence take-off and “fly” in real-world applications at scale.

Short CV

Björn W. Schuller received his diploma, doctoral degree, habilitation, and Adjunct Teaching Professor in Machine Intelligence and Signal Processing all in EE/IT from TUM in Munich/Germany. He is Full Professor of AI and the Head of GLAM at Imperial College London/UK, Full Professor and Chair of Embedded Intelligence for Health Care and Wellbeing at the University of Augsburg/Germany, co-founding CEO and current CSO of audEERING, Guest Professor at Southeast University in Nanjing/China and permanent Visiting Professor at HIT/China amongst other Professorships and Affiliations. He is a Fellow of the IEEE and Golden Core Awardee of the IEEE Computer Society, Fellow of the BCS, Fellow of the ISCA, President-Emeritus of the AAAC, and Senior Member of the ACM. He (co-)authored 1,000+ publications (35k+ citations, h-index=86), is Field Chief Editor of Frontiers in Digital Health and was Editor in Chief of the IEEE Transactions on Affective Computing amongst manifold further commitments and service to the community. His is an ERC Starting and DFG Reinhart-Koselleck Grantee, and consultant of companies such as Barclays, GN, Huawei, or Samsung.

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