We invite you to contribute to this initiative for the definition of the AIDA Summer/Fall semester program.

You can participate in the AIDA program by offering new or opening-up existing courses targeted to AIDA students* or other students worldwide according to the participation terms of your own organization. Short/Very Short course formats are typically encouraged, while semester courses, or asynchronous mode web courses will be considered as well. Accepted courses will be listed on AIDA website, and will be advertised for free with the support of AIDA dissemination channels. Proposals for courses for the AIDA Summer/Fall semester program should be sent to: Prof. Alberto del Bimbo <alberto.delbimbo(at)unifi.it>, Dr. Mygdalis Vasileios <mygdalisv(at)csd.auth.gr> and Ms. Ioanna Koroni <koroniioanna(at)csd.auth.gr> no later than May 20, 2021 and will be evaluated by the AIDA Committee by May 30, 2021.

Proposals for AIDA Courses should include:

  • Title of the course
  • Content and organization (6 text lines max with section titles, lab activities if any)
  • Course type (Short Course (4-12 hours); Long Course (one semester)
  • Course duration (Hours)
  • Link to course
  • Language (English is encouraged)
  • Participation mode (Physical/Web)
  • Participation terms (Discounts for AIDA students/free of charge courses are encouraged)
  • Tentative schedule
  • Name(s) of the Lecturer(s) & Affiliation
  • Short CV of the Lecturer(s) that certifies his/her qualification to give the course

*AIDA students may be PhD students, Post-doc researchers, possibly qualified MSc students or professionals of AIDA Members